4-Steps to get Best Prices in e-Auctions

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4-Steps to get Best Prices in e-Auctions

e-Auctions are one of the most effective ways to negotiate with suppliers. They get savings anywhere between 4-17%. Your e-Negotiation is a platform for your organizations to create faceless, un-biased negotiations resulting in best prices – always.

Not only this, e-Auctions also record a complete trail of the negotiations like who all were invited and participated in the negotiations, initial price, reduction trends and final price comparative etc and it is available for future audits.

However, organisations need to create an eco-system to get maximum benefits of the e-Auctions. Some of the key essentials to make e-Negotiations successful are as under:

1. Motivate and Encourage Suppliers Who Bid Aggressively in e-Auctions

It is most important that you promote the culture of aggressive bidding by suppliers during e-Negotiations. You can motivate their behaviour by some very simple steps like:

  1. No Negotiations after e-Auctions
  2. Immediate PO/LOI
  3. Some rewarding term for contracts negotiated using e-Auctions
2. Reward employees Who Create Innovative e-Auctions

Our team members can do wonders by bringing creativity in e-Negotiations. It can as simple as using a combinatorial auction in place of itemized auctions or using Dutch Auctions in place of standard English Auctions or appropriate usage of λ-Factor etc.

The organization must reward employees who bring maximum value for the organisations. The employees can be rewarded by measuring:

  1. Savings achieved using e-Auctions
  2. Purchase Orders placed on new vendors (e.g. Min 10% of total purchase on new vendors approved in current and last financial year)
  3. Best e-Negotiation Strategy
  4. Special weightage for e-Auctions
3. Quantify, Measure and Display Savings

It is important to align all members of the Supply Chain in bringing this value. Common goal and its daily tracking help team to put a bit of extra effort in extracting more value from the e-Negotiations without by-passing the system.

4. Improve e-Negotiation Experience for Suppliers

Lastly, it is very important to take feedback of the suppliers on their experience of the e-Negotiations. Any constructive feedback must be recorded and corrective actions be taken to improve the suppliers experience. A good platform is an asset for the organizations’ long term growth strategy.

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